01/ The Library. We are considering whether or not to adopt 'Archive 90'. This could well be one of the most consistent post-WWII libraries focussed on concrete art in the Netherlands. 

02/ The inaugural exhibition. With reservation to COVID-19, Stichting EST art foundation's first exhibition will take place during the Kunstroute Leiden 2020 on September 26 and 27. in previous years, this local event attracted some 6k visitors each year. For Kunstroute Leiden, EST invites local artists: Stephan van den Burg, Iemke van Dijk, Emma van Noort, Walter van Peijpe, Albert Roskam, Rob Walters and Guido Winkler. On this occasion we will announce our second international exhibition. Venue: Papegaaisbolwerk 18 + 20. Exhibition development in conjunction with ATELIER jelle verheijen and gemeente Leiden.

03/ Perpetuate and renew international partnerships.

04/ Create and foster local partnerships.

05/ We have created a file describing our plans how to develop the Leiden Art Hub. This file may regularly be updated. (No rights can be derived from anything stated herein). Click here to view and download.

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