Through the looking glass

06/ Through the looking glass is an art walk connecting Papegaaisbolwerk with Ambachtsplein. EST brings together a variety of local artist and international artists with a focus on light and video type of works. By doing this, EST literally set Papegaaisbolwerk in a new light. 

Venues: Public space, Papegaaisbolwerk 18 and 20, Ambachtsplein and Langegracht 70D

Special thanks goes out to Leiden City Council, ATELIER jelle verheijen, OCE consortium, and Mondrian Fund.

02/ Exhibition view 1, from left to right: Walter van Peijpe, Emma van Noort, Walter van Peijpe, Albert Roskam, Rob Walters

02/ Exhibition view 2,  from left to right: Tineke Porck (2x), Guido Winkler (2x), Emma van Noort, Walter van Peijpe, Emma van Noort

02/ Exhibition view 3,  from left to right: Stephan van den Burg, Tineke Porck, Guido Winkler (2x) and Walter van Peijpe

02/ Exhibition view 4, Rob Walters (4x)

02/ Exhibition view 5, Rob Walters (4x), Albert Roskam, Rob Walters, Tineke Porck (3x)

02/ Exhibition view 6, Iemke van Dijk 

02/ Exhibition view 7, Emma van Noort, Iemke van Dijk


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