October 16
Coming Sunday will be the last day to see EST's first exhibition entitled Transmissie (Transmission) at the Watergasfabriek. The venue is large enough to host people safely. We follow RIVM regulations. 4 persons at a time. Do you feel healthy and safe? Plan your visit. Open from 13h - 17h CET.

October 1 2020
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September 2 2020

Kunstroute website has been published!
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July 26 2020

1st Exhibition during Kunstroute Leiden, 26 - 27 September! (with reservation to COVID). Participating artists are Stephan van den Burg, Iemke van Dijk, Emma van Noort, Walter van Peijpe, Tineke Porck, Albert Roskam, Rob Walters and Guido Winkler. On this occasion we will announce our second international exhibition. Venue: Papegaaisbolwerk 18 + 20. Exhibition development in conjunction with ATELIER jelle verheijen and gemeente Leiden.

July 5 2020

1st Exhibition announcement any time soon from now!
Kunstroute Leiden, 26 - 27 September! (with reservation to COVID)

June 16 2020
Leiden Art Hub, the website is online!

June 15 2020
We have an Instagram account! Please follow!

April 7 2020
This is a new website as of April 7 2020.

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